1.1.1 Referral Source for Out-of-Home Placement

The referral that initiates an out-of-home placement may originate with a child abuse/neglect report, family/juvenile court, from an active Family-Centered Services or Intensive in-Home Services case, and/or as a placement request by the child’s parent/caretaker.  Any of these may result in an emergency or planned placement.

As an organization that is authorized to make decisions or recommendations for persons that may result, or have already resulted, in separation from their family, Children’s Division staff should ensure that a licensed professional with an advanced degree in social work, or in another comparable human services profession with two years of related clinical experience, is part of the decision-making process. This includes staff with a Masters in Social work (MSW) and/or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and should be consulted with and/or included in the Family Support Team (FST) when recommending an out-of home placements.

Staff may consider including their Children’s Service Specialist in the decision-making process when appropriate. Participants involved in the decision-making process should be clearly identified and documented in the case record pursuant to CS1 instructions in place.

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