1.1 Recruitment Plan

The Circuit Manger will develop, implement and maintain a year round written recruitment plan as well as develop printed and other informational materials and tools, with approval from the Department of Social Services (DSS) Communications.  All local staff and contiguous counties should know the plan.  Utilize the following as appropriate:

  1. A recruitment theme. If one exists statewide, use it;
  2. Public informational meetings to educate the community about foster care and adoption;
  3. The news media (newspaper, radio stations, television stations, cable television operators, neighborhood newspapers, special interest newsletters, etc.);
  4. Person to person contacts by foster/adoptive parents (best single method);
  5. Flyers, posters, pamphlets, handouts, bumper stickers;
  6. Public displays (shopping malls, fairs, public events);
  7. Notices in gas and electric bills, bank statements, grocery bags;
  8. Foster parent roles and responsibilities description found in Section 1 Chapter 3 of the Child Welfare Manual;
  9. Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent, CD-59;
  10. A multifaceted approach;
  11. Request funds (from Circuit Manager local E & E budget) through supervisory channels;
  12. Make known to the public needed materials and provide the public an opportunity to give needed materials;
  13. Refer material development requests to Communications within Department of Social Services (DSS) Central Office; and/or
  14. Provide Internet addresses to the following:
    1. Children’s Division home page,
    2. Foster Care Information,

The Recruitment Plan will be placed in the Recruitment Plan file, referenced in subsection 3 of this chapter.

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