1.1.3 What is Not Grievable Through this Process

  1. Any complaint of discrimination based upon race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, religious or political beliefs. All complaints of this nature must follow Policy 2-104 found in the Department of Social Services Administrative Manual.
  2. Any complaint involving or alleging criminal activities of employees. The Regional Director, or his/her designee, shall refer these complaints immediately to the Division Director’s Office for review and any necessary action.
  3. Any dispute with the outcome of a Child Abuse/Neglect investigation. These complaints shall proceed through the established CA/N Review process.

    Related Subject:  Section 2 Chapter 4.5 Alleged Perpetrator Appeal Process Overview

  4. Any court ruling or current statute.
  5. Guardian ad Litem (GAL), Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), or judge appointments. Complaints about these appointments must be addressed through the court of jurisdiction.
  6. Any foster/adoptive licensing revocations or denials. These complaints shall be dealt with according to the Fair Hearing Process.

    Related Subject:  Section 6 Chapter 7.1 Children’s Services Fair Hearing Process

  7. Any complaint by a resource provider about a case management decision regarding a child in their care. These complaints shall proceed according to Alternative Care Review Board (ACRB).

    Related Subject:  Section 6 Chapter 7.2 Alternative Care Review Board (ACRB)

  8. Those persons receiving adoption subsidy or guardianship subsidy are not eligible to use this grievance procedure.  Subsidy grievances shall proceed according to the Children’s Services Fair Hearing Process.

    Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 30.10  Miscellaneous, Section 6 Chapter 7.1 Children’s Services Fair Hearing Process

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