1.2.4 Entering Level Three Grievance Information into the Service Delivery Grievance Database

Children’s Division Director or his/her designee)

  1. Follow steps one through five in the previous instructions for Entering Level Two Grievance Information.
  2. Tab to the “Level” field. Click on the arrow next to the “Level” field and then click on “3”. There should now be a check mark beside the “1”, “2” and “3”. Click on “okay”. Be sure to leave a check mark by the “1” and “2”.
  3. Click anywhere next to the “Level 2” tab and this will refresh the page and a “Level 3” tab should appear.
  4. Enter the date (01/01/0001) that the Level Three determination was signed by the Division Director or his/her designee by typing in the date (01/01/2001) or clicking on the calendar option in the right of the field box and then clicking on the appropriate date.
  5. Click on the “Save and Close” icon. Level Three information has now been entered and saved in the database.

    The only information to be edited is the Level and Date of Level 3 Determination fields. All other information should remain the same.

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