1.2 Response to Recruitment Plan Activities

The Children Services Worker, resource provider, or volunteer will receive inquiry through telephone call, letter or personal contact, and screen the inquiry for appropriateness. The face to face or telephone response to the inquirer should be within three (3) working days.

Children’s Division, CD, staff are legitimate applicants, although conflict of interest may prohibit placement. Refer to Section 6 Chapter 10 of the Child Welfare Manual, CD Employees as Foster or Adoptive Parents.

Provide continued follow-up and requested information about foster care/adoption within two weeks of the inquiry including but not limited to:

  1. Use group informational meetings as needed.
  2. Screen for elevated needs and Native American families. These receive priority services in the assessment process.
  3. Refer those inquiring about adoptive children to the Heart Gallery or AdoptUSKids.
  4. Provide copies of licensing law, 210.481-536, RSM0, and licensing rule, 13 CSR 35-60.
  5. Provide information regarding the release of identifying and non-identifying information in adoption records and the Adoption Information Registry at informational meetings with prospective adoptive parent(s).

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