1.2 Recording and Documenting E-mail Correspondence

  • Email correspondence pertaining to a case must be included in recording and documentation. The E-mail message shall be printed and included in the correspondence section of the case file. Staff should also note in the narrative section that contact was made with an individual through E-mail in the narrative section but the content of the message does not need to be included. Since E-mail correspondence shall be included in the case file, staff should give the same consideration to the content as they would for letters and other forms of correspondence. Only information pertaining to the case should be included in the message and discussion of topics unrelated to the case should not be contained within the message.

    Staff are reminded that this form of correspondence is open to release when a request is made for a file. Since E-mail may be released with the rest of the file, it is important that staff are careful to only include necessary and pertinent information.

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