1.3.1 Definition, Purpose, Style

The family record shall summarize all activities, including family strengths, efforts to address safety and risk issues, and a summary of the activities of any treatment agents and/or family support teams. The record must also include the family’s involvement in and reaction to services provided.

The guidelines listed below are intended to provide a basic structure for capturing relevant information. They are designed to serve as a general framework for all recording. Emphasis is placed on being purposeful, specific, factual, and focused on the investigative, assessment and/or treatment process. The Children’s Service Worker and supervisor are free to modify certain components, when appropriate, in order to accommodate the needs of specific situations.

The Children’s Service Worker’s use of “I” (first person pronoun) is preferred when describing his/her activities. This conveys a sense of ownership and accountability. Avoid using third person descriptors, such as “worker” for this purpose.

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