1.3 Policy Requirements Relating to Juvenile Court Referrals and Placements

Referrals to the juvenile court, to gain assistance from the court, may be made at any time throughout the case life to gain assistance from the court. The Children’s Service Worker shall obtain supervisory approval prior to making court referrals.

If the placement is an emergency, the court shall be requested to indicate in the court order that lack of preventive services was reasonable in light of the emergency circumstances.

Referrals that recommend out-of-home placement shall be made if the safety and risk assessment indicates the child(ren) is in danger if he/she remains in the home. In these referrals, the Children’s Service Worker shall request a judicial determination be made that the provision of services provided met the “reasonable efforts” criteria and could not prevent the need for placement of the child. Reasonable efforts to maintain the child with his/her family include the consideration for and/or referral of the child’s family to IIS.

Referrals for IIS will be immediately considered for all families whose children enter out-of-home placement during emergency situations.

NOTE:  No child shall be removed from the care of the family without authority of the juvenile court or protective custody being taken by law enforcement or a physician Section 210.125 and 211.031, RSMo.

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