1.4.3 Subsequent Recording Outline

Case Contacts – contacts made during the course of service provision which includes:

  • Purpose of contacts:  Give a brief explanation of the purpose of each contact or what it intended to accomplish and
  • Result of Contact:  Describe information obtained during contact when it is pertinent to the treatment process or changes occurring in the family system. Include the family’s reaction and response to contact if applicable.
  • Contacts include but are not limited to:
    • Case consultation with supervisor
    • Consultation with any external consultants
    • Family Support Team meetings
    • Court hearing (type of hearing, who present, and the outcome or order of the court)
    • Mail sent and received
    • Certification for CTS, child care, etc.
    • Date and type of any review done on the case record (Peer Record Review, Program Development Review, etc.)
    • Home visits and
    • Telephone calls

Case Contact Examples:

  • Joanie Smith conducted a home visit with Alison. She was alert and appeared healthy. She was crawling on the floor and exploring her surroundings. I said hello to her and she looked at me. She is responsive to her name. While I was there, she handed me a toy and I gave it back to her to play with. I did not observe any safety issues.

    I spoke to Susie Davis, relative provider, who stated that Alison was doing well in her home. She said that Alison has learned how to stand while holding onto the couch since my last visit. She said that Alison is also beginning to talk. She said that she can say a few words. She said that she just took her to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor reported that Alison is developmentally on target. She said that Alison’s parents came along to the doctor visit. She said that they were appropriate during the visit. I asked her how the supervised visits between Alison and the parents were going. She said that they were going well. She said that she is supervising visits four days a week. She said that the parents are very attentive to Alison’s needs. She said that they help feed Alison and they get on the floor and play with her. I asked her how Parents as Teachers was going. Susie reported that Parents as Teachers is coming to the home once a week to meet with her and Alison. She said that they have been helpful. She said that she is still receiving assistance from WIC. I asked her if she had any problems with the child care facility. She said that Alison was still attending Sunny Days and appears to enjoy it there. We scheduled our next home visit.

  • I received a telephone call from Mary Brady, mother’s therapist regarding her last counseling session. Mary told me that she had discussed the allegations with the mother. I told Mary that I had concerns regarding the mother’s lack of boundaries and her lack of remorse for the incident that occurred. Mary mentioned that the mother was abused as a child. She said that she was going to approach this issue with the mother to see if she can find any correlations between her abuse and the child’s abuse.

Monthly Progress Summary –  A monthly service-focused summary which summarizes the case contacts. It summarizes the progress, or lack of progress, being made towards established service goals. Use behavioral descriptions where possible to accurately summarize and illustrate the observed changes taking place in the family system. Record the family’s reaction and response to services provided. Briefly summarize the outcome or consequences of the treatment services provided to date. Describe how treatment services have changed the underlying sources of family dysfunction that may have led to the presenting problem. Diligent search efforts to locate the absent parent(s), relatives, and kin should also be documented. Address issues such as:

  • Changes in the observed safety or risk
  • Changes that are observed in the presenting problem(s). Describe these changes using an individual and systems viewpoint
  • Changes in resource usage and interaction with outside systems and
  • Changes in the service strategy for the next 30 days if services are to continue

The sections below are in FACES. See Attachments A and B for case examples.

FCS Monthly Summary

  • Household Makeup
  • Safety Concerns
  • Parent Protective Capacities
  • Parent’s Progress towards WSA
  • Collateral Contact
  • Court Outcome (if applicable)
  • Absent Parent Role
  • Cultural Diversity of the Family
  • Case Goal (if applicable)
  • Additional Information
  • Supervisor Consultation

AC Monthly Summary

  • Safety Concerns
  • Parent Protective Capacities
  • Permanency Plan/Concurrent Plan
  • Parent’s Progress towards WSA
  • Visitation Plan
  • Parent/Child Visits
  • Worker Visit with Parent
  • Type of Placement and Why
  • Sibling Separation (if applicable)
  • Child’s Health/Dental/Medical/HCY
  • Child’s Education
  • FST/PPRT Meetings
  • Court Outcome (if applicable)
  • On-going Diligent/Parent/Extended Family Search Efforts
  • Absent Parent Role
  • Incarcerated Parent Contact (if applicable)
  • Cultural Diversity of the Family
  • Additional Information
  • Supervisor Consultation

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