1.5.1 Initial Recording

  1. The Children’s Service Worker should identify reason(s) for removal and the date of removal.
  2. If there have been preventive and protective services, specify why the written service agreement developed with the parents failed to prevent placement, or document the reasonable efforts to prevent placement in an emergency placement.
  3. In the case plan, the Children’s Service Worker should state the specific placement plan, such as “temporary foster care – goal to return child to birth parents.” Address the following specific components of the case plan:
    • Child’s Progress – Describe the out-of-home placement and provide details of the appropriateness of the placement such as:
      • Is the child getting proper care?
      • Is the child in the least restrictive placement environment and in proximity to the birth family? If close proximity is not advisable, explain. Provide reasons a relative placement is not advisable?
      • Are appropriate services being provided to the child, and the foster parents?
      • What are the child’s needs and are they being met?, and
      • What is the child’s present health or what are the child’s health needs?
    • Parental Progress –
      • Are they receiving services?
      • Are these services appropriate?
      • Is the parent(s) cooperating; are they making progress?
      • What is the frequency of the visitation schedule? Are the parents participating? Interacting with the child during visits?
      • Are the parents providing child support?
      • What is the status of the parents’ compliance with the Written Service Agreement?, and
      • What are the efforts to locate absent parents, if applicable?
    • Coordination of Services –
      • Are services to the child, the resource providers, and birth parents coordinated toward a specified goal?
      • Are services being provided in accordance with the recommendations of the Family Support Team/Permanency Planning Team? and,
      • Are plans/services appropriate to the permanency plan, court order, and/or special court instructions?

The Children’s Service Worker should identify that the rights of the parents were safeguarded. He/she should identify the date that the procedural safeguards and parent’s rights were provided to and discussed with, the parents regarding the removal of the child. The worker should also document that the procedural safeguards were given to the parents regarding intended changes in placement and/or visitation. If this was not done, explain.

The Children’s Service Worker should identify the service plan and outline the next steps in the provision of services to be directed toward the return of the child or other permanent plan. The worker should then project the next review date.

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