1.5.2 Interim Recording

All contacts shall be recorded chronologically in the narrative section of the family record. Chronological dictation will include the date, time, person(s) contacted, and a description of the content of the communication. Contacts include:

  • All personal contacts such as home visits, office visits, and telephone calls;
  • Conferences with supervisors regarding specific family situations;
  • Court hearing information such as the type of hearing, persons present, and the outcome of the hearing;
  • Permanency Planning Review Team (PPRT) meetings, including the date parents and resource providers were notified, those present, and the PPRT recommendations;
  • An indication of the date when the Child Assessment and Service Plan, CS-1, was completed and sent to court;
  • An indication of the date when the Adolescent FST Guide (CD94) & Individualized Action Plan Goals (CD94), and life skills assessment for youth fourteen (14) and older was completed.
  • The date youth age fourteen (14) and older were referred for Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Services and Transitional Living Program Services.
  • All correspondence sent and received;
  • Documentation of the need for purchased services such as child care and Children’s Treatment Services and all referrals that have been completed and all services authorized;
  • The date the Vendor Licensure/Approval and Renewal and the Alternative Care Client Information screen in FACES were submitted for an opening, a closing, or an updating of the case situation; and
  • An evaluation of the progress made toward achieving a permanent plan.

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