1.5.3 Assessment of the Case Plan in Initial and Interim Recording

The Children’s Service Worker will include in the case plan review the following:

  • An evaluation of the child, parents, and resource providers’ progress in completing the case plan;
  • An assessment of the appropriateness of the services being provided to the child, such as counseling, medical, educational, and child care services;
  • A description of how these services are meeting the specific needs of the child;
  • An assessment of how the services provided are meeting the needs of the parents;
  • A description of how the terms of the Written Service Agreement and/or court approved service plan are being met by the parent, the child, and the worker;
  • A description of the child and resource provider’s involvement in the development of the services and visitation plans. This will include narrative on how these plans are beneficial to meeting the goal of permanence for that child.

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