1.6.1 Record Composition

Documentation and file maintenance are as important in resource provider files as they are for foster youth’s case files. These files may be accessed by the general public (See Section 5 Chapter 2 Record Access, for information on who may access resource provider records and requirements for obtaining this information). No child-specific information should be placed in the resource file with the exception of the CD-104 located inside the front cover of the file. The following is a guideline for file set up and maintenance. Items identified by an asterisk (*) must be in all records.

orms Section (Yellow)

  • Assessment Application, CS-42*
  • Resource Home and Safety Checklist, CS-45*
  • Out of County Home Assessment Request, CD-174
  • Resource Parent Acknowledgment of Home Assessment & Case File Information Access, CD-128 *
  • Well Water Check (Health Department), if applicable
  • Discipline Agreement, CD-119*
  • Safe Sleep Practices, CD-117*
  • Notification of Hazards, CD101; Swimming Pool, Trampoline, household smokers, etc.
  • Current Authorization for Release of Information, SS-6*
  • Current Vendor Licensure/Placement Resource Report, formerly referred to as the SS-60, now the Vendor Licensure/Approval and Renewal screen in FACES.*
  • Sanitation Inspection, CS101j, if applicable
  • Fire & Safety Inspection, if applicable
  • Resource Family Exit Interview, CD-112

HIPAA (White) (Information in this section is not available to the public)

  • Resource Provider Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Information, CD-194
  • Foster/Adoptive Medical Report, CW-215*
  • Psychological Evaluations/Therapists Reports
  • TB Test

Background Section (Green)

  • Current Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check Results or Letter*
  • Case.Net Check*
  • Family Care Safety Registry*
  • Sex Offender List by Address, Search Missouri Sex Offender Registry

Correspondence (White)

  • Letters to Foster Family
  • Any other written correspondence (including business E-mail)

Training (Buff)

  • All Training Certificates*
  • Training sign in sheets*
  • Training record screens*
  • Resource Family In-service Training Request, CD-114
  • All flyers and notifications of In-service training opportunities

Contracts/Licensing (Yellow)

  • Alternative Care, CM-3*
  • Professional Parenting, CM-14*
  • Respite, CM-10
  • Elevated Needs Level B Respite, CM-9
  • Elevated Needs Level B, CM-8
  • Level A Foster Care, CM-3 Amendment
  • Medical Home, CM-3 Amendment

Family Assessment (White)

  • STARS Initial In-Home Consultation
  • Resource Provider Family Study and Addendums*
  • Personal Reference Questionnaire, CS-101f* Utilized at initial licensure and only at re-licensure if warranted
  • School Reference Request, CS101e* Utilized at initial licensure and at re-licensure for all children in the home. Do not place foster youth’s CS101e in the resource provider file
  • Employer Reference Questionnaire, CS-101c* Utilized at initial licensure and only at re-licensure if warranted
  • Reassessments*
  • Professional Family Development Plan, CD-100*
  • Outdated CD-56’s
  • Quarterly Summaries, CD-118

OHI Reports (Pink)

The cover sheet should include:

  • Case Name
  • Date of Report
  • Incident Number
  • Expungement Date

Administrative (White)

  • Resource Home Adverse Action Report, CS-20
  • Notification of Resource Home Adverse Action, CS-20a
  • Alternative Care Grievance Review Request, CS-70
  • Service Delivery Grievance Form, CS-131
  • Notification Letter for Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy Denial, CD-87
  • Application for Fair Hearing, CD-53
  • Withdrawal of Request for Hearing, CD-54
  • CA/N Check

Narrative (Blue)

  • Dictate when a Family is licensed/re-licensed
  • Dictate when a child moves in and out
  • Record all home visits and meetings with resource provider family
  • Record when training notices have been mailed
  • Record when foster parents have participated in training
  • Record any licensing concerns noted and action taken
  • Document closing narrative
  • Level A/Level B/Medical Staffing Outcomes (non-child specific)

Emergency Plan/Disaster Plan (Red)

Required information as outlined in memo CD06-33

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