1.6.2 Initial Recording

The initial recording should document the date the Specialized Training Assessment Resources and Support (STARS) assessment was reviewed and signed by the family and Children’s Division staff. Staff should also meet with the family’s biological/adopted children separate from the parents to discuss their feelings on alternative care placements and sharing their household. An overview of the Foster Family Profile, CD-56 and the types of placements and children desired, as well as the strengths and needs identified in the assessment and during the initial contact with the family should be included. The date the vendor was opened in the system should also be noted. The STARS class work/homework documents are to be returned to the resource provider(s) once their license has been approved and opened in the system.

The next recording should be to document the discussion of and agreement to the Professional Family Development Plan, CD-100. Within thirty (30) days of the family becoming licensed, the worker is to schedule a meeting to develop a Professional Family Development Plan CD100 with the resource family.

Any placements made, contacts with the family, staff concerns with the family, and trainings attended should be documented by the licensing worker. A summary should be completed at the end of each quarter that addresses any concerns or issues noted during the quarter, number and types of placements made, reasons for any moves out of the household, and training attended.

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