1.6.3 Subsequent Recording

Subsequent recording should document the date of the licensing worker’s home visits (which must occur a minimum of once each quarter) and contact with the family’s biological/adopted children. The worker should also document discussion of any licensing issues, placement concerns, progress and/or changes to the Professional Family Development Plan, CD-100,or the Foster Family Profile, CD-56, and any other issues/concerns noted by the Children’s Service Worker.

Ongoing documentation should include anytime the home is considered for placement and why the home was chosen or not, and the date any children moved from the household and why.

The quarterly summary is attached to the home assessment. The quarterly summary should include the number and types of current placements, changes in household composition (i.e. divorce, death, illnesses, adoptions, births, etc.), and changes to the physical environment (moves, additions, remodels, etc). There should also be a discussion of any hotline reports, incidents, issues or concerns involving the foster, relative or kinship family and any action taken. It should also be noted if no action was taken and why.

Quarterly visits are conversational allowing for the sharing of concerns as well as accomplishments and development of a mutual relationship of trust. The visits are to be used as a prompt to have meaningful conversations about pertinent issues and assure compliance with licensing requirements. The conversation must include how the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard is being applied in the home.

The CD-100  should be reviewed and updated quarterly, annually and at each license renewal and this should be documented in the case record.

Yearly updates should include the families’ progress in the CD-100 and with documentation of any changes made to the plan. A summary of the family’s performance should also include whether the family is meeting the core competencies, including the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard, if there are areas of need identified for the family, and what strengths have the family demonstrated.

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