1.6.6 Documentation of Criminal History

Staff should not list specifics in the narrative section of the file when documenting criminal history. The narrative should simply reflect one of the following:

  • Fingerprint based criminal background check results meet eligibility requirements;
  • Fingerprint based criminal background check results do not meet eligibility requirements; or
  • Fingerprint based criminal background check results require further review to determine if applicant is precluded from licensure.

Specific criminal history information may be included in the Resource Home Adverse Action Report, CS-20, when it is the basis for denial or revocation.

At the time of re-approval or re-licensure, staff should destroy the criminal history report obtained for the last approval/licensure period. The previous record is obsolete and no longer required to be maintained in the record. Staff should document that the report was destroyed. This should be done only after receipt of the new criminal history report. Staff should not maintain any electronic copies of criminal history records.

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