10.11.11 Termination of Reunification Support Services

Termination of reunification support services shall be a planned and natural component of the casework process. Due to its importance in the provision of services, the Children’s Service Worker should prepare carefully for this process. Skills in terminating the helping relationship are just as important as skills that are used in establishing the relationship. The following are important factors to consider when recommending termination of aftercare services. However, this list is not all encompassing and the FST should consider the circumstances of each family:

  1. The family has stabilized and the risk of abuse/neglect to the child is minimal:
    1. The client is engaging in those behaviors which were defined as desirable in the original or modified treatment plan.
    2. Evidence exists the family has methods that support the capacity to cope adequately with life stresses, problems, and complexities without producing harm to the child(ren).
    3. The parents are capable of establishing warm, give and take, relationships with others and expresses recognition for the individuality of the family members.
    4. The parents can tolerate frustration and other discomfort such as anxiety, guilt, anger, or grief.
    5. The parents can use his energies to concentrate on meeting the needs of the children and others.
    6. The reasons for needed services no longer exist.
    7. Consultation with service providers used in the treatment plan supports the client’s progress or improved degree of well-being and safety of the children.
  2. The family has demonstrated an awareness of available community support services, i.e., counseling, and the ability to utilize these services as necessary.
  3. Closure has been discussed with the family and they are aware of the plan.
  4. The family has optimally benefited from services and is not likely to demonstrate further progress given additional services.
  5. Court jurisdiction has been terminated.

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