10.11.12 Procedures for Closing a Case

The following procedures are required by the Children’s Service Worker after the FST has determined that aftercare services should be terminated and the court has terminated jurisdiction. Once the family, worker and supervisor agree on a closing date, the worker must meet with the family within 15 days of the decision to close the case. The purpose of this visit is:

  1. To address any unresolved issues relating to the termination of services.
  2. The Children’s Service Worker should complete the NCFAS G+R closure fields and use the Termination of Services/After Care Plan, CD-14D, tool with the family to summarize the family’s positive change and the aftercare plan developed to sustain that change and maintain an acceptable level of risk. The worker should:
    1. Discuss/document positive behavioral changes that have occurred in the family’s functioning and the reduction of risk.
    2. Discuss/document challenges to maintaining positive growth
    3. Discuss/document family’s strengths to build on
    4. Discuss/document supports/services formal/informal needed for continued progress.
    5. Discuss/develop/document an aftercare plan with the family including any services/support remaining in place that will maintain positive changes.
    6. The plan should address the sustainability of positive change and linkage with formal or informal supports/services the family can access to maintain acceptable risk.
    7. Determine that the family knows how to access support systems and resources independently
    8. This plan should also include appropriate numbers or contacts the family can access in time of crisis that may impact the children’s risk or immediate safety and
    9. Identify any remaining problem areas to which problem-solving can be applied.
  3. Confirm the closing decision and date of closing with the family members
  4. Notify the family of the termination of contracted services

To finalize the closing of the case staff should do the following:

  • Inform all contracted service providers and others involved in the Written Service Agreement of the decision to close the case and closing date
  • Send a letter to the family reminding them of the agreed upon date of closing and offer services if needed by the family in the future.
  • Ensure that the court order terminating jurisdiction is in the file.
  • The Children’s Service Worker shall close the necessary forms which include all service authorizations, the Alternative Care Client Information screen, and Family-Centered Services Information screen in FACES, and the KIDS account.
  • If the child exits care, closing information must be entered into FACES as soon as possible but no later than 2 business days after the change occurs.
  • The Children’s Services Supervisor must approve the case closure as soon as possible but no later than 2 business days after the worker enters the function closing.

Sources:  The Risk Assessment was adapted from the Utah Child Protective Services Risk Assessment Project, Utah Department of Social Services, and the Utah Child Welfare Training Project, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Utah; 1987.

The Risk Assessment was adapted from Understanding Families, written by Jo Ann Allen, with contributions by Eloise Cornelius and Consuelo Lopez, and edited by Kittsu Swanson. It was developed under Contract #105-79-1107 for the Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children, Youth and Families, Office of Human Development Services, United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Technical Assistance in the development of the Family Assessment and Treatment Plan, its explanation, and instructions was provided by the National Resource Center on Family-Based Services, University of Iowa School of Social Work, Iowa City, Iowa.

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