10.11.3 Development and Implementation of Reunification Support/Written Service Agreement

The Children’s Service Worker and the FST shall develop a time-limited Reunification Support/Written Service Agreement with the parent and child (if appropriate) which outlines the continued responsibilities of the Division, parent, and child in order to ensure successful reunification. The worker shall continue to provide any specialized treatment services needed to maintain family stability and prevent recurrence of the behaviors, which resulted in the original placement.

If the birth parent(s) or legal guardian resides out of state and the case plan is to reunite the family, Interstate Compact procedures shall be followed. For example, the receiving state will be requested to evaluate the home of the parent(s) and approve or disapprove the pending placement.

The receiving state should agree to monitor the placement. The sending state will retain legal custody until the receiving state recommends that custody be returned to the parent(s) or legal guardian.

Related Subject: Section 4 Chapter 25 Interstate Placements.

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