10.11.6 Preparing the Resource Provider

As a member of the FST, the resource provider participates in making significant decisions in the child’s life. The resource provider will also assume an active role as mentor and helper to the parent to facilitate a successful family reunion. The goal of reunification should not come as a surprise to the resource provider. However, the bonds that develop between some resource providers and children are so significant that both the child and the adult may grieve the loss. Therefore, it is important that the Children’s Service Worker recognizes the signs of grieving and assists the child and resource provider through this difficult transition.

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The Children’s Service Worker and resource provider should also discuss:

  • Resource provider’s fears or anxieties regarding the child’s return to the parents.
  • Anticipated changes in the child’s behavior during the transition phase.
  • Resource provider’s role in helping/supporting the parent and child make the transition.
  • Updating the life book and other records maintained by the resource provider.
  • Continued contact, if any, with the child and parent.

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