CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Factors to Consider in Reunification Related to Neglect

  • What type of neglect has occurred in the family, i.e., physical, emotional, etc.
  • How long had neglect occurred? Generational; stress induced; intermittent?
  • Have treatment services targeted the type of neglect which occurred, i.e., if poverty contributed to the neglect, have those conditions changed, and will the new stability continue to support reunification of the children?
  • How will child readjust to family if reunification means reduction in material standards? Has this been discussed with the child and the parent(s)?
  • What is required of the parent(s) and other family members to prevent the recurrence of the problem? Include specific behavior which must or must not occur.
  • What has been the visitation plan? What has occurred during visitation? This information may be documented in FACES, on the Supervised Visitation Checklist, CD-86, and/or the Visitation Reaction Form, CD-85.
  • Who will parent(s) or child call if help is needed to prevent recurrence of the neglect; will the parent(s)/child know when to call?
  • Does the parent know community support systems and how to access those services?
  • Is an aftercare plan written, and do all Family Support Team members have a copy of the plan?

    Related Subject:  Section 7 Chapter 30 Neglect

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