CHILD WELFARE MANUAL What Must Happen Before the Child Returns Home in Sexual Abuse/Incest Cases

Before the child can return home, the perpetrator must no longer have access to the child. The external impediments to the abuse must be reinforced. The perpetrator must strengthen his internal inhibitions.

Work should begin on all levels. The perpetrator must engage in treatment to understand his cycle of arousal and how to use internal and external inhibitors to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring. The non-perpetrating parent must decide to support the child. Both the parent(s) and child must be in therapy. In treatment the non-perpetrating parent must learn how to advocate for the child and to make changes in the family to protect the child from abuse. The child must learn that he/she has control over what happens to him/her and that he/she can resist the perpetrator if they are still in the home. The child must be supported by the non-perpetrating parent and by the therapist.

The child can return home when family members are able to provide the external impediments necessary to prevent the abuse from occurring again. These may include removal of the perpetrator.

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