CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Factors to Consider in Reunification Related to Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse/Incest:

  • What type of sexual abuse occurred?
  • Who was the perpetrator?
  • Who in the family was abused? Any siblings?
  • Did family receive and participate in services specific to sexual abuse?
  • Was the criminal justice system involved with the family? Is prosecution process completed?
  • Who in the family will protect this child? Who would child tell if sexual abuse recurs?
  • What is required of parent(s) and other family members to prevent recurrence of the problem? Include specific behaviors which either must or must not occur.
  • What has been the visitation plan; what has occurred during visitation? This information may be documented in FACES, on the Supervised Visitation Checklist, CD-86, and/or the Visitation Reaction Form, CD-85, and
  • Is an aftercare plan written and do all Family Support Team members have a copy of the plan?

Restrictions on placement, custody, visitation or reunification for minors who were determined to be either a victim or a perpetrator in an incident of abuse between minors (Section 210.117 RSMo.; Section 210.710 RSMo.Section 210.720 RSMo.; and Section 211.038 RSMo.) may present significant difficulties for workers who are working toward reunification; making placement decisions or enrolling children in Division custody in child care or in school.

Related:  Subject: Section 7 Chapter 34.1 Abuse of a Minor by a Minor and Section 7 Chapter 29 Sexual Maltreatment

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