10.8 Case Plan/Written Service Agreement Implementation

The Children’s Service Worker is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Written Service Agreement. These responsibilities include:

  • Offering the family support and encouragement to follow through on the treatment plan;
  • Generally, families need support most in the time of crisis. As the work progresses and the family gains more control in more areas of their life, the need for support diminishes. The family should be allowed to take more responsibility and initiative and be encouraged for their resourcefulness;
  • If a family is not following through on the Written Service Agreement, the Children’s Service Worker will determine what is occurring. Do not assume the family is resistive.  Once the reason is determined, i.e., fear, conflicting schedules/responsibilities, inability to access resource, the Children’s Service Worker and the family will (or should) adapt the case plan or provide additional support and encouragement as needed; and
  • Regular contacts with service providers to assess family’s progress toward goal achievement.

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