10.9 Case Plan/Written Service Agreement Review

Generally, the FST will meet at 30 day intervals to review the case plan. The purpose of the review of the treatment plan is to:

  • Gather updated information from the family to determine:
    • Previously identified needs that have been met,
    • Needs remaining unmet; and,
    • New needs that have arisen and been identified.
  • Revise the permanent plan, treatment goals, and strategies to meet needs identified during the case reassessment.
  • Revise time frames to accommodate new strategies.
  • Assess provision and use of resources:
    • Are the resources still relevant to the plan, goal and strategies?
    • Are the services being provided and used as scheduled? Does the schedule need adjusting?
    • Are the services still appropriate?
    • Have the resources/services been made accessible to the family?
    • Have family members used the services? If not, why not?
    • Are new resources/services needed?
  • Assess the treatment planning process itself:
    • Is everyone involved who should participate?
    • Are all persons actually participating in the treatment plan review? Is that participation meaningful?
    • How are persons communicating and cooperating?
    • Has everyone’s opinion about progress been sought? Has everyone been heard?
  • Determine whether or not the case should be closed.

    The Case Plan/Written Service Agreement is tied to the original reason for agency intervention. When that reason has been resolved, agency intervention should cease.

    Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 9  Permanent Outcomes for Children

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