11.1.2 Service Needs

The Case Manager/Children’s Service Worker will determine services needed by the child for which CD will pay. See Attachments of this Chapter for limitations or type and amount of payments. Services may include:

  1. Maintenance;

    Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment A  Standard Payment for Foster Parents

  2. Infant allowance:  A child between the ages of 0 – 36 months, in qualifying placement types, is eligible for an additional $50 per month to help meet the specialized needs of infants, such as diapers, formula, clothing, and supplies;

    Children eligible for this allowance include licensed foster homes, relative and kinship homes, children in CD custody in court ordered placements, and CYAC.  Infants in residential care facilities are not eligible to receive the additional allowance.

    Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment C  Special Expense Payment

  3. Clothing allowance:  A child is eligible for a clothing allowance at the time of placement and on his/her placement anniversary. The amount of the allowance is based on his/her age at the time of placement or placement anniversary date. Residential treatment providers may receive reimbursement for clothing as specified in this section and in accordance with the reimbursement rates established in Section 4, Chapter 11, Attachment A. With Regional Director approval, individual cases may exceed this standard;

    Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment A   Standard Payment For Foster Parents

  4. Routine medical/dental care including services available through the Healthy Children and Youth (HCY) Treatment Program;
  5. Bureau for Children with Special Health Care Needs (BCSHCN) may cover a medical condition not covered by MO HealthNet. Refer child to the appropriate BCSHCN Regional Office;

    Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 24  Medical Planning Issues

  6. Emergency and extraordinary medical/dental care;
  7. Children’s Treatment Services; and
  8. Other special services such as:
    1. legal services including court fees in a termination of parental rights or adoption proceeding;  court fees to assist a grandparent establish legal guardianship of a child who is in CD custody;
    2. transportation for visiting parent(s) or prospective placement resources;
    3. child care services, if a part of the child’s case plan if both foster parents are employed; and/or
    4. other needs, unique to a particular child, which have been approved by the Regional Director and which will support and enhance a child’s case plan.

      NOTE:  Maintenance is not paid to state administered schools for the deaf or blind, medical and mental health facilities, or juvenile court closed or semi-closed (detention) facilities. However, some special expenses may be met through HDN funds.

      Related Subject: Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment C: Special Expense Payment, for guidance in processing payment.

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