11.1 Referral Process

The Children’s Service Worker must make a referral to the eligibility specialist via the CS-IV-E/FFP-1 within ten (10) working days from the child’s entry into Out-Of-Home Care to determine eligibility for Title IV-E unless the child is in alternative care less than three days. The system automatically assigns Fund Code 12, Title XIX (FFP) to all children in CD custody depending upon placement. The system automatically alerts the Income Maintenance Worker via the daily SACCS 051-01 report when a child is removed from a Temporary Assistance household.

The children of youth in alternative care (CYAC) program allows for the payment of maintenance, infant allowance, and special expenses, as well as MO HealthNet, on behalf of a child in the physical and legal custody of his/her parent who is in the  Division’s custody.

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