11.12 Terminating Cost of Care

  1. Terminate maintenance payment authorization via the SS-61 if:
    1. The child is placed with a parent (in this situation, the SS-61 will be closed unless the child is considered to be on trial visit, which is defined as child being returned to principal caretaker for a limited and specified period of time, and court ordered. The placement sub-type will be “A”.); or
    2. The child is placed with an adoptive family who will not need an adoption subsidy, effective the date of placement.

      Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 30  Subsidizing an Adoption/Legal Guardianship

    3. The child is transferred to the custody of a relative; or
    4. The child is placed in the custody of the Juvenile Court excluding the Class I Juvenile Court Counties of Clay, Greene, Jackson and St. Louis; or
    5. The child is placed in the Missouri schools for the deaf or blind, or Juvenile Court detention, or a medical facility; or

      NOTE: The child can have special expense cost met while in these types of placements.

    6. The child is placed via court order with an ineligible relative or other placement resource.
  2. Refer to Attachment E of this procedure if the provider received an overpayment from the Division Alternative Care funds.
  3. Transfer the MO HealthNet card to the parent(s) when the child is returned to their care.
  4. Invoice payment for special expenses via Form CS-65 within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the bill for services provided while the child was still in placement.

    NOTE:  If authorized, payment for special expenses may be invoiced on Form CS-65 after the child’s exit from alternative care, if the service was delivered during the period of time the child was in alternative care.

  5. Inform the Income Maintenance Worker (IMW) immediately when a child leaves alternative care and is placed in an FSD household.
  6. Inform other funding sources of the child’s exit from alternative care.
  7. If appropriate, complete the CS-KIDS-2 to close the child’s KIDS account. Prior to completing a CS-KIDS-2, contact the CPAY Unit to determine if there are funds to be released and the exact amount to be released to the child’s parents or caretaker.

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