11.2.1 Continuation of Child Support

According to Section 452.340 RSMo, children in foster care can continue to receive child support from their non-custodial parent if they meet the requirements under state law. The child’s case manager will be responsible for determining eligibility based on the criteria listed below.

Ninety days prior to the child’s 18th birthday, the case manager will receive the Notice of Intent to Stop Collection of Current Support,CS-697.In most circumstances, the child will be eligible for continued support if:

  1. The child will be attending high school or a high school equivalency testing program on his/her 18th birthday; or
  2. The child plans to attend college or vocational school by October 1 after graduation from high school or completion of a high school equivalency testing program; or
  3. The child is currently attending a college or vocational school.

If the case manager determines the child continues to meet requirements under state law for current support to continue beyond the child’s 18th birthday, they will need to complete the Custodian’s Response to Notice of Intent to Stop Collection of Current Support section of the CS-697 form received in the mail and select the reason child support should continue from the options listed.

If the child no longer meets the eligibility criteria specified in the statute, the case manager shall notify the Family Support Division (FSD).

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