11.2 Financial Contributions by Parents

    1. Interview birth parent(s) for willingness to pay all or part of the cost of alternative care.
    2. Complete the Financial Statement for Families of Children in Alternative Care, CS-99, and advise parent(s), before the juvenile court hearing, an order requiring payment for the care of the child may be made at the time of the hearing.
    3. Attach the completed CS-99 to the social history sent to the court.
    4. Open the child’s AC function in FACES.
    5. The Eligibility Analyst will complete the Referral/Information for Child Support Services/AC, CSE-201AC. However, the Case Manager shall indicate to the Eligibility Analyst if a case should not be pursued because of any of the following conditions:
        1. Both parents are deceased;
        2. TPR on both parents has occurred;
        3. The Division has not and will not be providing any Out-of-Home Care payment or special expenses.

      If the best interests of the child would not be served, i.e., physical or emotional harm would likely result to the child; adoption proceedings are pending before a court; the parent is working through the issues involved and the child support would be a hindrance to the case goal, then the CD-252 Good Cause Letter shall be completed and sent to the Eligibility Analyst.

      The Children’s Service Worker and the Children’s Service Supervisor must evaluate and agree concerning the child’s best interests. The reasons must be documented in the case record. The Division has the right to change this request at any time during the case.

    6. Parents may contact Child Support for more information regarding where and when to submit payment.
    7. Report changes within ten (10) days to Eligibility Analyst. Changes include:
      1. Absent parent obtains employment;
      2. Absent parent changes jobs;
      3. Absent parent moves; or
      4. Court modifies order which will affect child support.
    8. Child support payments received in a county office shall be sent to the Child Support Financial Resolution Section (FRS) at the address below to ensure payment is accurately credited to an established child support order.

      Family Support Division
      Financial Resolution Section
      PO Box 2277
      Jefferson City, MO 65102-2277

      Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment D:  Children’s Income Disbursement System (KIDS)

      The Family Support Service Center should receive Court ordered and Family Support Division (FSD) administrative ordered parental contributions (child support) and forward same to the Division of Finance and Administrative Services (DFAS). Therefore, only in rare situations will the county office receive support from parents and forward to the Financial Restitution Section.

    9. Apply any unused contribution to the child’s cost of care when the child leaves Out-of-Home Care.

Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment D:  Children’s Income Disbursement System (KIDS)

Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 11 Attachment F:  Children of Youth in Alternative Care

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