11.3 Temporary Assistance

NOTE:  This funding source is used for relatives who receive custody of a child or do not have legal custody of a related child but are eligible to receive TA as a specified relative and the child is not eligible for Title IV-E. It may also be used to meet the cost of care if the relative refuses to be certified and/or sign a contract. If eligible for TA, the child is eligible for the Missouri Medical/Dental Service Program (MM/DSP). Relatives who have made an independent plan to accept a related child into their care may apply for TA. (The child is not eligible for maintenance if TA is received, but is eligible for special expenses through HDN funds.)

  1. Refer the relative to FSD staff if the child is placed with a relative.
  2. Receive confirmation from the IMW that the child and family are eligible. Assist the relative in meeting other Division requirements, if financial assistance is needed.

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