11.6 Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The Division Director should Always be Made the Payee for Open Alternative Care Cases in Which CD has Custody.  In some rare instances, Social Security Administration (SSA) may select someone else to be payee (i.e., DMH, if the child is placed in one of their facilities). The County Office should document this in the case record. The Eligibility Specialist should make the payee application.

Payee name and address information is as follows:

(child’s name)
(child’s DCN)
Post Office Box 3536
Jefferson City, Missouri

  1. Determine if the child’s condition indicates possible eligibility.

    Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 11, Attachment H:   Insurance Claims for Children in CD Custody

    NOTE:  Children receiving SSI and in CD custody are eligible for MO HealthNet.

  2. Submit a referral to the Eligibility Specialist (ES) via the CS-IV-E/FFP-1 or, when applicable, the CS-IV-E/FFP-2, with the required information needed by SSA.

    The Eligibility Specialist (ES) will be responsible for making an SSI application.

    NOTE:  The maximum available resources allowed by SSI is $2,000.

    If the account is over $2,000, the Eligibility Specialist will contact the CPAY Unit to determine if there are previous expenses that can be charged to the KIDS account (back state debt). After the back state debt is deducted, and if the account remains over $2,000.00, CPAY will inform the worker about the amount that needs to be spent on the child’s behalf to lower the account below $2,000.00. Any out of the ordinary expenditures require Area Office approval. Back State Debt always takes priority over additional expenditures for the child.  The assets counted toward this maximum are those available on the first day of the review month. Retroactive (lump sum) SSI payments are excluded from the resource test for six (6) months.

  3. Supply sufficient documentation of child’s disability to ES.
  4. Arrange transportation for the child for consulting exam, if required by the Disability Determination Section.
  5. Receive notification from the ES of child’s eligibility determination and, if approved, the amount of benefit.
  6. Payment received at the County Office should be deposited in KIDS via Form CS-KIDS-1.

    Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 11, Attachment D:  Children’s Income Disbursement System (KIDS)

  7. Immediately notify PDSU, by IOC or E-mail, of changes that effect the child’s eligibility for SSI, such as:
    1. increases in earned income not deposited in the KIDS account;
    2. employment;
    3. marriage; or
    4. incarceration.
  8. Contact SSA, when youth turns 18 years old, regarding the youth’s ability to be his/her own payee.

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