11.8 Healthy Children and Youth (HCY)

A full HCY examination including eye, hearing, and dental examinations must occur within the first 30 days the child is in care. In addition, for children ten (10) years and under, Section 210.110, RSMo, requires a developmental and mental health screening to be completed within 30 days of the child’s entry into care. Section 210.110, RSMo, also requires all children from birth to age 10 in the Children’s Division (CD) custody to receive a physical, developmental, and mental health screening every six months, as long as the child remains in care.

Children, 10 years and older, who enter CD custody should have continued follow up as needed following the initial examination. It is the Children’s Service Worker’s responsibility to ensure screenings and any follow-up services for the above children are conducted.

The HCY Program Unit screens all examination reports completed at the screening appointment. CD staff are responsible for providing services necessary to ensure that children with abnormalities needing treatment receive the necessary services. CS staff shall also assure that screenings for eligible children are conducted.

  1. Receive “Individual with Abnormalities Report” from DHSS/HCY unit.
  2. Arrange for any special treatment recommended in cooperation with the alternative care provider:
    1. Assist with scheduling the appointment and transportation as needed.
    2. Cooperate with the CA/N Investigation worker if the “Report” indicates a potential CA/N incident.
  3. Complete the Accident Reporting Form, TPL-2, when the child sustains injuries in an accident or work related incident and Third Party Insurance is available (see Form TPL-2 instructions in the Children’s Division Forms Manual).
  4. File a copy of the abnormalities report in the child’s Alternative Care case file.

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