11.9 Children’s Treatment Services (CTS)

  1. Determine the appropriate treatment services.
  2. Obtain clearance from the authorizing designee to authorize needed Children’s Treatment Services or Protective Service Child Care according to local policy (this may also require or be subject to court order, supervisory approval, parental consent, guardian ad Litem consent, etc.)
  3. Complete and submit the CS-67 and CS-67A to authorize services after the plan is understood and the referral is accepted by the provider:
    1. Seek the Authorizing Designee’s signature approving services, after completing the CS-67A, and before data entry.
  4. Receive the CS-65A, SEAS payment invoice, from the provider.
  5. Check the invoice for completeness, reasonableness, and accuracy.
  6. Take appropriate action to correct any invoice containing errors.
  7. Sign and submit the correct invoice for entry into the system to generate payments for authorized services.
  8. Obtain progress reports as needed.
  9. Inform the County Director/Payment Designee, when appropriate, if written reports are not received, as payment for these services will not be made until the report is received.
  10. Modify authorizations, using the CS-67A, if the needs of the child or the family change.
  11. Close authorization, via the CS-67A, when the service is no longer required.
  12. Discuss with the provider the system generated notification regarding closing, as necessary.

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