12.1 Resource Provider’s Emergency Procedures

Resource Provider’s Responsibilities

Each resource provider shall develop and display a family emergency plan that will be approved by their local office and a copy be placed in their case record file. Their plan should include the following:

  1. An evacuation plan for various disasters;
  2. A meeting place for all family members if and when a disaster occurs;
  3. Contact numbers which shall include:
    1. Local law enforcement;
    2. Regional Communication Plan with Contact Personnel;
    3. Emergency Numbers;
    4. Administrative number, 877-642-6320, only to be used when no other communication channels are available for contacting local/regional staff.
  4. A disaster supply kit, that includes “special needs” items for each household members, first aid supplies, including prescription medications, a change of clothing for each person, a sleeping bag or bedroll for each, foster youth, battery powered radio or television, extra batteries, food, bottled water and tools. For information regarding what to place in an Disaster Kit you may go to “American Red Cross Disaster Plan Kit Item list”
  5. The licensing worker will document in the case file record that resource provider has read and understands Children’s Division policy regarding Prevention and Control of Contagious and Infectious Diseases as found in the Missouri Resource Parent Handbook.

As part of the disaster plan each resource provider will identify what will happen to the child if he/she is in school or the resource provider is away from the child; i.e. will the school keep the children until a resource provider or designated adult can pick them up or send them home on their own.

Each resource provider will provide their Children’s Service Workers with back-up contact phone numbers in case of emergency in which they cannot be located by their home or work phone. Resource provider should consider providing staff with back-up phone numbers of individuals (such as relatives) they would contact in case of an emergency.

Each resource home will review this plan with their foster youth every six months and report this information back to their licensing worker. The worker will record this information in the providers file.

The emergency plans shall be made available to Regional Office, upon request.

A template of a Family Disaster Plan that may be shared with resource providers is located on the Department of Social Services Human Resource Center web site under Emergency Management and Safety, Family Disaster Plan.

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