13.2 Transfer of Custody to Another Provider

A child in Division custody may be in need of care or treatment other than that which the Division can provide. If that is so, the Children’s Service Worker shall:

  1. Assess the child’s needs through an evaluation involving a juvenile officer, appropriate state agencies (including Department of Mental Health, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), or private practitioners knowledgeable of the child, programs, or services appropriate to the child’s needs.
  2. Identify another agency which can better provide the needed care or treatment.
  3. Refer the child, with agreement from family and court, to the other agency, providing that agency with all applicable information.
  4. Obtain agreement and acceptance from the other agency to provide care for the child.

    NOTE:  Request a case review by the Division of Legal Services (DLS) via supervisory line through area office and the Deputy Director/Children’s Services, in the event the other agency refuses to accept the child for care or treatment, or where no agency will accept the child, or where it is anticipated that the court will not be cooperative with the request.

  5. Prepare the child with the proposed replacement plan.
  6. Request court action to transfer custody. Also, request the court make an order relieving Children’s Division of the child’s custody, in the event CD has exhausted all of its resources for the child and/or the child is not appropriate for CD care and custody. (The court must make a determination within ten (10) days).
  7. Arrange for a transfer of the child to the care of the accepting agency.
  8. Terminate services with the family and child.
  9. Record all activities every 30 days.
  10. Close record with a closing summary in the narrative and update any appropriate reporting forms when the court has shared a copy of the appropriate order.

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