15.2.1 Qualifications

  1. Compliant with all the minimum qualifications for a resource family home as identified in 13 CSR 35-60.010 and 13 CSR 35-60.030, including but not limited to:
    1. All household members age 17 and older have clear background checks, including fingerprinting results, Child Abuse Registry checks, and Family Care Safety Registry check
    2. Minimum age of 21 for both parents
    3. Both parents legal United States citizens
    4. Both parents demonstrate the skills listed for the five competencies, 13 CSR 35-60.030 (3)(A)
    5. Both parents are responsible, mature, of reputable character, exercise sound judgment, display the capacity to provide good care for children and display the motivation to foster
    6. Both parents successful completion of required pre-service and in-service training
  2. Licensed and active as a resource home, FH, for the State of Missouri for the past four (4) consecutive years.

    If the currently licensed resource home applicant, FH, has not been licensed for the State of Missouri for the previous four (4) consecutive years, the two parent licensed home must have been licensed for a minimum of one year and has successfully raised and/or are successfully raising five (5) or more children. These applicants will only be eligible to have one foster youth placed at a time or for one sibling group to maintain the siblings in the same household for the first year of approval. The home will not be eligible for the maximum possible children in the home, ten (10), during the first year of approval as a Large Family Resource Home.

  3. In good standing with the division and the division’s contractors as supported by submitted written references.
  4. Have no Child Abuse and Neglect reports with a preponderance of evidence or substantiated conclusion.
  5. Complete required Large Family Resource Home Management training.
  6. Both parents demonstrate organizational skills for a large family to coordinate all meals, appointments, attendance at court hearings, Family Support Team meetings, school meetings and events, recreational activities and one on one time with each foster youth.
  7. Submits a written plan for resource parent to spend one on one time with each foster youth placed in the home.
  8. Demonstrates parenting skills and parenting plan does not rely on having children parenting responsibility for other children.
  9. Provide written recommendations to the resource development worker indicating both parents are a suitable applicant for a large family resource home approval from three (3) professional child welfare stake holders who are non-child welfare professionals (e.g. therapists, teachers, GALs, attorneys, etc.).
  10. Cooperate with completion of the Large Family Resource Home Assessment Checklist, CD-28.

The resource development worker will update the resource home assessment record indicating the approval of the licensed resource home as a large family resource home in the form of an addendum using information from the Large family resource Home Assessment Checklist, CD-28. The CD-28 will be attached to the Home Assessment Addendum.

The resource development worker will update the FACES computer system with an application and approval for a large family resource home, FG.

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