2.5.2 In-Service Training Hours, Requirements, and Process

Enroll licensed resource providers in nearby in-service training sessions, as appropriate and approved by the local office. Available in-service training is listed in the next section of this chapter.

  1. Resource providers are required to complete the following number of in-service training hours.
  2. The preferred method of training delivery is instructor led. Instructor-led training is live, interactive training facilitated by an individual with training and expertise to deliver the training topic. Only 14 hours of non-instructor led in-service training may be approved per two (2) year licensure period.

    In-service training may be approved on a case by case basis for viewing a video, reading a book, or participating via a website. Other approved in-service training must be approved by the licensing worker and supervisor. Other approved in-service training must address some aspect of foster care. The resource provider must submit the Resource Family In-Service Training Request, CD-114, to the licensing worker to obtain approval. The licensing worker will submit the request to his/her supervisor for approval.  The approval should be obtained prior to the completion of training, if the resource provider is requesting mileage or babysitting reimbursement. The intent is that the training will address areas identified within the resource provider’s Professional Family Development Plan. The total amount of other approved in-service training accepted per licensing period is to be determined by the Regional Director based upon the availability of training and the training needs of the region.

    Related Subject: See Section 6, Chapter 2.6 Other Approved In-Service Training.

  3. Credit for educational/informational meetings (less than 8 hours) may be given, following the guide contained in 2.5.3 paragraph Attachment D. The curriculum and number of hours must have local office approval.
  4. Arrange reimbursement of babysitting expenses ($2/Child/Hr), and mileage, if necessary, at current state rates through SAM II. Meals may be reimbursed at the per diem rate when the provider attends training in which they are in overnight status according to the Administrative Manual Chapter 7, Travel. The babysitting reimbursement ($2/child/hr) is to be applied to all children in the foster home, including the biological children of the resource provider(s).
  5. Special expenses (i.e., registration fees) may be approved by the Regional Office and paid through SAM II.
  6. Evaluate use of training experience with resource provider and training facilitators.
  7. Verify training hours completed and record required information on the Resource Parent Training screen in FACES.

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