CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Youth from Another State

Youth placed in Missouri from another state are eligible for supervision of placements and case management services. Youth eligible for this service are wards of another state and are in Missouri for the purpose of attending college, living in an Independent Living Arrangement (ILA) or Transitional Living Arrangement (TLA). The financial responsibility for supporting these placements remains with the state from which the child was sent to Missouri. The sending state should arrange for Chafee services directly via the Chafee contractor from the youth’s residence region. The sending state should also provide for the Educational Training Voucher services if they are needed. Initial requests for these services are facilitated through the ICPC unit in Central Office and supervisory reports are shared with the other state through this unit. Following receipt of the initial request from the sending state, the ICPC Unit in Central Office will forward the request to the appropriate county office for assignment.

Upon receipt of a referral at the county office, the youth is to be opened in the AC Client Information Function in FACES with a placement of TLA or ILA. The placement reason is other and an explanation is noted in the FACES notes section. The placement mode is 7-ICPC in-State.

The assigned supervising Children’s Division staff must approve the suitability of the residence. Staff shall use the TLP Advocate and Independent Living Arrangement (ILA) Checklist, CS-TLP-1, which provides a procedure for documenting health and safety requirements specific to an older adolescent placed in an ILA or TLA. The CS-TLP-1 is completed every time a youth moves to a new ILA or TLA.

On-going case management and supervision is provided in accordance with ILA/TLA services and record keeping.

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