21.3.3 Referral Process

The case manager is responsible for ensuring all youth 14-21 receive the skills necessary to become self-sufficient upon release from custody. Youth, ages 14-21, in the legal custody of the Division and in out-of-home placement are to be referred for Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Services, regardless of their case plan.

Youth in an adoptive or guardianship placement that were previously referred for services continue to be eligible upon the case plan being achieved if the adoption or guardianship occurred after the age of 16. Youth that have been adopted or obtained guardianship after the age of 16 will follow the same referral process for youth in care if a referral was not previously made, Chafee services are desired, and they are still open in the Alternative Care Client Screen. However, if a youth is closed in the Alternative Care Client Screen after the adoption or guardianship is awarded, the Chafee referral will close and a new referral will need to be made through the Referral – Chafee Aftercare Services screen if the youth is eligible and desires services. The youth will have to be reopened in the system and will be categorized at this point as a LS-8 with a flag as an adoptive/guardianship youth in the Alternative Care Client Screen. Although the legal status will be that of an aftercare youth, the flag will indicate to the Chafee provider that the youth is eligible for full Chafee services versus crisis care.

Adoptive or Guardianship Case Managers will assist youth, adoptive parents, and guardians with completion of the necessary tools and assessments needed for referral. The Adolescent FST Guide (CD94) and Individualized Action Plan Goals must be submitted. The Adoptive or Guardianship Case Manager will be responsible for ensuring that services are being provided to assist the youth in independence skills and will review the Individual Life Skills Progress Form (CD95) and notify the Older Youth Transition Specialist if the desire for services changes. Participation is not mandatory for youth who are in an adoptive or guardianship placement.

Youth enrolled in the Transitional Living Program will receive Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Services through their respective Transitional Living provider.

Older Youth Program Referral Screens and Assessment Reports Referral Packet

These screens and tools are used to refer older youth for OYP Services including Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Services, Chafee Aftercare Services, and Transitional Living Services (group homes and scattered sites). Screens and reports included as part of the referral must have been completed within the last six months. The screens and tools should be completed in the following order:

  • Individualized Action Plan Goals (CD94)
  • Adolescent FST Guide (CD94)
  • Referral – Chafee Independence Services

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