21.3.8 Educational Opportunity for Children of Families Serving in the Military

Occasionally, families serving in the military receive Family-Centered Services (FCS) or their children come into custody of the Children’s Division. If the youth is a survivor of a war veteran, they may be eligible for a tuition grant for higher education. Section 173.234. 6-11 RSMo. states “Survivors of war veterans shall be certified as eligible by the Missouri veteran’s commission to receive a tuition grant for higher education. If the survivor is granted financial assistance under any other student aid program, public or private, the full amount of such aid shall be reported to the coordinating board for higher education by the institution and the eligible survivor. Surviving children who are eligible shall be permitted to apply for full tuition benefits conferred by this section until they reach 25 years of age.”

Related Subject: Section 4 Chapter 25.7.4 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

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