21.4 Aftercare Program

The intent of the Foster Care Independence Act was to increase funding to states for the expansion of the independent living program. This expansion allows the Division to serve youth with an array of services to meet their needs. Eligible youth are between the ages of 17.5 to 21, who left foster care at age 17.5 or after, but have not reached age twenty-one.

Aftercare services are meant to be flexible, short term and are intended to be used as a safety net in order to meet the needs of the young adult when:

  • Remaining in state care and custody after age17.5 is not a realistic or practical option;
  • The youth has requested to leave custody upon or after age 17.5 and his/her case manager has assisted him/her in developing a reasonable and acceptable exit plan; or
  • The Juvenile/Family Court has automatically terminated jurisdiction on or after age 17.5.
  • Chafee Aftercare services are not to be part of the exit plan formulated while a youth is in care, rather a resource available to a youth after exit should the youth encounter difficulties in which assistance is needed.

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