21.5.1 Criteria for Independent Living Arrangement

Independent Living Arrangements (ILA) should be the planned placement for youth in out-of-home care and should never be used when a more appropriate placement resource is available for the youth. The payment of $396.00 for monthly maintenance is made directly to the youth when they are in an ILA placement. Prior to placement of a youth, appropriate County Children’s Services staff or contracted case agency staff must approve the suitability of the residence. Staff shall use the TLP Advocate and Independent Living Arrangement (ILA) Checklist, CS-TLP-1, which provides a procedure for documenting health and safety requirements specific to an older adolescent placed in an ILA. The CS-TLP-1 should be completed every time a youth moves to a new ILA.

Criteria for an ILA are as follows:

  1. Youth is at least 17 years of age;
  2. Youth is under court jurisdiction and in the care and custody of the Children’s Division;
  3. There is no likelihood of reunification with parent/legal guardian;
  4. The youth does not want to be adopted;
  5. The case manager has consulted with the FST and a plan has been completed that specifies how the youth will live;
  6. Youth is enrolled and participating actively in the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program;
  7. Youth is able to demonstrate competency in life skills;
  8. Youth is able to manage his/her own finances and live independently;
  9. Youth has demonstrated responsible conduct for at least 12 months:
    1. No criminal law violations;
    2. If applicable, school performance is equal to youth’s capabilities; and
    3. Responsible money management.
  10. Youth is attending an educational or vocational school regularly to the satisfaction of school officials and is gainfully employed; and
  11. Youth has assisted or developed their plan for independent living.

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