210.147 Confidentiality of Family Support Team Meetings

Confidentiality of family support team meetings, exceptions — form developed for core commitments made at meetings. — 1.  Except as otherwise provided by law, all information provided at any family support team meeting held in relation to the removal of a child from the child’s home is confidential; except that:

  (1)  Any parent or party may waive confidentiality for himself or herself to the extent permitted by law; and

  (2)  Any parent of the child shall have an absolute right to video and/or audio tape such team meetings to the extent permitted by law; and

  (3)  No parent or party shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before testifying or providing information at such team meetings.  Any person, other than a parent or party, who does not agree to maintain confidentiality of the information provided at such team meetings may be excluded from all or any portion of such team meetings during which such person is not testifying or providing information.

  2.  The division shall be responsible for developing a form to be signed at the conclusion of any team meeting held in relation to a child removed from the home and placed in the custody of the state that reflects the core commitments made by the children’s division or the convenor of the team meeting and the parents of the child or any other party.  The content of the form shall be consistent with service agreements or case plans required by statute, but not the specific address of the child; whether the child shall remain in current placement or be moved to a new placement; visitation schedule for the child’s family; and any additional core commitments.  Any dissenting views shall be recorded and attested to on such form.  The parents and any other party shall be provided with a copy of the signed document.