210.675 Another Permanent Living Arrangement Plan

Permanency plan of another planned permanent living arrangement, prohibited for foster children under sixteen — findings required at hearing for such plan. — 1.  No child in foster care under the responsibility of the state under the age of sixteen shall have a permanency plan of another planned permanent living arrangement.

  2.  For children with a permanency plan of another planned permanent living arrangement, the court shall make the following findings of fact and conclusions of law at each permanency hearing:

  (1)  The division’s intensive, ongoing, and unsuccessful efforts to return the child home or to secure a placement for the child with a fit and willing relative, such as adult siblings, a legal guardian, or an adoptive parent, including efforts to utilize search technology, like social media, to find biological family members of the child;

  (2)  The child’s desired permanency outcome;

  (3)  A judicial determination explaining why, as of the date of the hearing, another planned permanent living arrangement is the best permanency plan for the child, including compelling reasons why it continues not to be in the best interests of the child to:

  (a)  Return home;

  (b)  Be placed for adoption;

  (c)  Be placed with a legal guardian; or

  (d)  Be placed with a fit and willing relative; and

  (4)  The division’s efforts to ensure:

  (a)  The child’s foster family home child care institution is following the reasonable and prudent parent standard; and

  (b)  The child has regular, ongoing opportunities to engage in age- or developmentally appropriate activities, including consulting with the child in an age-appropriate manner about the opportunities of the child to participate in the activities.

(L. 2016 H.B. 1877)