210.760 Removal process

Placement in foster care — division’s duties — removal of children from school, restrictions. — 1.  In making placements in foster care the children’s division shall:

  (1)  Arrange for a preplacement visit of the child, except in emergencies;

  (2)  Provide full and accurate medical information and medical history to the persons providing foster care at the time of placement;

  (3)  Give a minimum of five days advance notice to the persons providing foster care before removing a child from their care;

  (4)  Provide the persons giving foster care with a written statement of the reasons for removing a child at the time of the notification required by this section;

  (5)  Notify the child’s parent or legal guardian that the child has been placed in foster care; and

  (6)  Work with the parent or legal guardian of the child, through services available, in an effort to return the child to his or her natural home, if at all possible, or to place the child in a permanent adoptive setting, in accordance with the division’s goals to reduce the number of children in long-term foster care and reestablish and encourage the family unit.

  2.  Except as otherwise provided in section 210.125, no child shall be removed from school prior to the end of the official school day for that child for placement in foster care without a court order specifying that the child shall be removed from school.

(L. 1982 H.B. 1171, et al., A.L. 2004 H.B. 1453 merged with S.B. 762)