22.2 Guidelines for Assessing Guardianship

  1. The Family Support Team has determined that family reunification is not likely in the foreseeable future and termination of parental rights is deemed inappropriate;
  2. Adoption is not an option;
  3. Current placement provider is able to meet the needs of the child including financial;
  4. Current placement is stable;
  5. The child’s caretaker family is willing to pursue guardianship;
  6. The child, if over 14 years of age, consents;
  7. The juvenile court having jurisdiction supports guardianship as an option and is willing to terminate its jurisdiction when such is granted; and
  8. The child’s Family Support Team is supportive of plan for guardianship.

    The Division’s legal relationship, as well as services and foster care payments to the child/family, would terminate once guardianship is established, however, support services may continue as needed/desired and available.

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