24.3.3 Informed Consent for Routine Treatment

As defined in Section 24.2.2, standard or routine medical treatment includes treatment for ordinary illnesses, routine dental care, immunizations, well child visits, preventative health services, and on-going treatment for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and ear infections.  Per Missouri law, a minor may consent to administration of birth control.

  1. The case manager or the resource provider (consenter) may consent to any standard or routine medical treatment for a youth in Children’s Division’s custody.  As noted in Section 24.2.2, the case manager should attempt to involve the parent in routine treatment by offering invitations to appointments and providing updates about the child’s health status.
  2. Documentation of the informed consent decision is always required: for case managers that documentation shall be in FACES and the medical record within the child’s file; for resource providers, the documentation should be contained in the Monthly Medical Log (CD-265) and the event shared with the case manager.  The consenter may be asked by the healthcare provider to document their consent or refusal to treatment on a form offered by the provider.  If this occurs, the consenter should request a written copy of the consent documentation from the healthcare provider to be saved in the child’s medical record.

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