24.3.8 Informed Consent Shall Be Time Limited

Once informed consent has been provided, the case manager, in consultation with their supervisor, should revisit the decision at least once every three months to determine whether continuation of the treatment or medication is in the youth’s best interest.  The case manager may withdraw consent to treatment with a psychotropic medication at any time after consulting with the supervisor, the prescribing provider and the statewide clinical consultant.  The content of these consultations, including the decision to maintain the current course of treatment, must be documented in FACES.  If informed consent for a specific medication is being withdrawn by the case manager, instructions about how to safely discontinue the medication must be documented in FACES and provided in writing to the resource provider.

NOTE: At any point in the process above, the assigned case manager or Supervisor may seek guidance from Children’s Division’s statewide clinical consultant, a Division of Legal Services (DLS) attorney, or Children’s Division attorney if they have further questions.

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