24.4.1 Routine Medical/Dental Care

Routine medical/dental care including services available through the Healthy Children and Youth (HCY) Program, also known as Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT):

  • Children entering out-of-home care need initial medical examinations, as well as regular medical examinations throughout their out-of-home care placement.
  • Resource parents should seek medical providers who are enrolled with MO HealthNet (MH) or MO HealthNet/Managed Care ( MH/MHMC).
  • Plan with out-of-home care providers and other appropriate team members to ensure that all children in out-of-home care shall receive education on sexual development, appropriate to their age, life experiences, and living conditions. This information should include information on sexuality and venereal diseases.
  • Children in out-of-home care are eligible for MM/DSP (MO HealthNet, Title XIX). As a result, they are also eligible for HCY services.
  • When a resource parent receives an invoice for medical or mental health services for a foster placement in their home, the invoice must be submitted to the foster youth’s case manager immediately.

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